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About us

The CPET is among the first research centers NTUST founded. The team is composed of about 200 graduate students,and it not only outperforms the rest of the university's research groups in other fields in terms of team size and technological strength but also is on a par with world-leading academic groups in terms of research scale and abilities. Since 2020, Delta Electronics has established a joint research center at NTUST, with an NT$30 million (US$1million) budget over a three-year period to enhance Taiwan's industrial competitiveness. Taiwans Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has also granted an award of NT$8 million per year to support the Delta–NTUST Academia–Industry Research (AIR) Center. NTUST's CPET continues to strengthen its ability to put research achievements to practical use through close industry–academia collaborations. More than 600 graduates have completed their advanced degrees with the CPET's Power Electronics Lab,and they make up a strong workforce leading industry development and research. Aside from incubating talent to meet industry needs, CPET can also provide global resources in line with partner firms' worldwide strategies to enable win–win situations.